Furnace Repair Prevention. How Long Island Should Prepare

Furnace Repair Prevention. How Long Island Should Prepare

How to Prepare Your Furnace For Winter

Before the coldest days of winter arrive in Long Island, NY, there are a couple of steps that everyone needs to do to prepare for the frozen temperatures. One of those is preparing the furnace and switching the HVAC system to heat. Doing so ensures you won’t have to call a professional for furnace repair in Long Island or heating repair in Long Island when the snow starts to fall!

Furnace Repair

Furnace Filters

There are air filters everywhere—in the vent grills found in walls and ceilings as well as the HVAC unit itself. If your unit has an electrostatic filter, wash it off before turning on the heater. Cleaning or replacing the filters prolongs the HVAC unit’s lifespan and ensures it performs well throughout the winter.


Clean Ducts

Since hot air will be blowing out of the ducts and vents into your home, you want these pathways unobstructed and clean. Vacuum the opening first before removing the exterior and sweeping out the inside. Room vents, in particular, can become congested with fur, dander, and toys. If it seems like air isn’t blowing freely, you might have to call for furnace repair in Long Island to see what is causing the issue.


Cover The Condenser

Unless your HVAC has a heat pump (if so, skip this), cover the condenser to protect it from falling ice and other debris in winter storms. You might also want to cover the fan with a lid or wooden board. Just ensure moisture isn’t getting trapped inside.


Clean the Heat Exchanger

You will want to clean and vacuum the heat exchanger at least once a year before winter. The best way to do this is to hire the same professionals you would call on for furnace repair in Long Island or heating repair in Long Island to get the job done right.


Test The Ignitier

Older systems will need to have the pilot light relight. Test the reset button and breaker too. Don’t wait until the dead of winter to find out that you will need to call someone for furnace repair in Long Island.

Some HVAC systems might require the furnace to be lit or need oil tanks checked. If at any time you feel that you need assistance with these tasks or need immediate heating repair in Long Island, don’t hesitate to call on a professional. Remember, annual maintenance is the best way to prevent dysfunctional systems, so winterize your HVAC today.

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